Virgin Soil

Frankfurt am Main 2020-2022

The installation Virgin Soil constructs a condensed interpretation of the developments on the island of Rapa Nui in Oceania as a commentary on today’s circumstances and traces a mystical picture of a world climate change.

Installation of 21 drawings, Dimensions variable, each 150 X 100 X 0,3 CM, Fine Art Prints on Acrylic glass
Sculpture 180 X 140 X 100 CM, Fine Art Prints on Papier and Foil, Steel
Digital Sculpture Augmented Reality Dimensions variable
Edition, Portfolio of 21 Fine Art Prints, each 30 X 45 CM

In cooperation with
DGJ Architektur
Photos: Klaus Weddig
Video: Paolo Rosenberg, Klaus Weddig

Kindly supported by
Kulturamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Hessische Kulturstiftung