Frankfurt am Main 2021

The installation Vestige examines the preserved traces of previous use and the history of the building. The work, consisting of drawings in space and time with light and sound, thematise the cycle of construction and destruction. The drawn traces tell stories and work against oblivion. They evoke the invisible and the past. As fragments, they overlap in a gradation of depth and connect with the space and the now-time. The selected material creates a visual echo due to its transparent character as a luminous body and reflector.

Light-drawings (01-03), engraving in acrylic glass, 90 X 180 X 45 CM, wood, LED-Light
Digital drawing (01-02), sublimation print on voile, 360 X 180 CM
Neon sculpture, 300 X 100 CM
Spatial drawing, 400 X 400 CM, foil
Spatial drawing, 400 X 400 CM, AR
Collage 756,9 X 356,7 CM, b/w, fine art print on affiche paper

The exhibition was made possible by major support from a crowdfunding campaign within the framework of kulturMut. kulturMut is an initiative of the Aventis Foundation in cooperation with Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain and Startnext.

In cooperation with
DGJ Architektur
Holger Marseille, Berlin (sound)
Photos: Klaus Weddig
Video: Paolo Rosenberg, Klaus Weddig

Kindly supported by
Kulturamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Hessische Kulturstiftung
Neon Zentgraf