The Passage

Mainz 2021

The Kunst am Bau installation The Passage examines the urban space of the Münsterplatz, which has always been a central traffic junction in the city of Mainz. The panorama notation reflects the movements, currents, directions, people and traffic, their condensation and emptying of the place: the constant change of the place over time. The objectivity of the listed buildings, which spatially dominate the square with clear shapes and a continuous horizontal lines form the geometric framework of the dynamic composition.

Drawings (01-02), Fine Art Prints on VSG glass, 524 X 142,4 CM

State capital Mainz

Kunst am Bau
Art and construction
Wall work

Type of procedure
(Restricted competition with a preceding open application process), 1. price

Photos: Klaus Weddig
Video: Paolo Rosenberg, Klaus Weddig

Kunst und Bau Werkeverzeichnis des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz