Berlin 2004

tiny is an animated video, that analyses and reflects the concept of childhood.

The video is set in an imagined nature. Each element is constructed with a modular shape system and a composite of footage that is cut, layered, and re-mapped. The places encountered in the video—the lake, the forest, the soil—are familiar from old fairy tales.

The story follows an imagined doll as it seeks attention on one particularly lonely day. The doll encloses and travels through diverse experiences. The interactions with others forces the doll to leave the innocence status of its birth and to pass the metamorphosis of its childhood. It becomes conscious of its own body and mental state through the development of self-awareness. The strict pyramiding of the elements reflect the main protagonists emerge from its chrysalis. The narrative is rooted in the theme of loneliness, imagination and identification that permeates childhood.

HD Video, 7‘ 38“, 1920 x 1080px, color, sound

Animation: Kathi Kæppel
Sound: Holger Marseille