United Kingdom 2002

Pulukaukau is an adaptation from an old Caribbean fairy tale set in the modern 21th century full of tragedy and heart, a glittering shower of pixie dust and a lot of water. The street-smart girl Pulukaukau takes us on a weird and wacky ride through the story of three generations of women, and the incestual chain of events that connects them.

Selected for the BFI British Film Institute.
Published in „Characters in Motion I“, Pictoplasma Publishing, 2006.


  • 1. Price backup Film Festival, 2002
  • Gold award, experimental film & video remi awards, The Houston International Film Fest, 2003
  • Best Animation, sehsuechte International Student Film Festival, 2003
  • Silver Award, SOKI-International Illustration Competition, Korea, 2003
  • Annual Multimedia Award, 2003
  • Jury Award, shorts-welcome Film Festival, 2003
Credits: Peter Kalmar, Transformer di Roboter (sound) Nathan Atkinson, Genna Foden, Dominic Price (voices)
Media: Animation, 8.35 mins, digital, PAL