Kathi Kaeppel (*1977, Heidelberg) is an artist working on site-specific installations, exploring the territories of drawing and animated drawing in space. In her works she discusses nature impacted by human interventions and the effects of a missing reference system for our actions. This reference frame is established by accelerating natural and man-made processes to create intense and unexpected experiences. For each work Kaeppel creates a specific system of scale, lines of perception, and colours as a spatial choreography in which the recipient becomes an active participant. The installations are composed of elements that are rearranged to an immersive experience of drawing in time and space.

Her interest lies in creating and surpassing boundaries at the same time. Using lines and basic shapes, she creates spaces as a field of possibilities. Despite the level of abstraction and sophistication behind the three-dimensional dynamic installations, Kaeppel’s pieces convey a sense of lightness, contrasting the profound atmosphere associated with her themes.

Kathi Kaeppel has studied at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee and University for the Creative Arts, UK.
In addition to numerous awards, she received a grant from the DAAD, the Fulbright Commission and the Foundation for Freedom.



1977 born in Heidelberg, Germany

 lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, Germany


2004 Diploma, Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, Prof. Nanne Meyer

2002 BA, University for the Creative Arts, UK, Prof. Suzanne Buchan


since 2019 Artistic Researcher, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne, CH

2014–2018 Visiting Professor, Kunsthochschule Berlin–Weißensee

since 2009 Jury member and Curator, Internationales Trickfilm–Festival Stuttgart

since 2007 Lecturer

1999–2005 Co-Founder, monogatari, Berlin


2020 Project funding Kulturamt Frankfurt a/M, project Vestige

 Project funding Schweizerischer Nationalfonds, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, research project Moving in Every Direction

 Award, Kunst am Bau, Münsterplatz, Mainz

 Project funding Hessenfilm, project Amber

 Artist Grant »Hessen kulturell neu eröffnen«, Hessische Kulturstiftung, project Virgin Soil

 Project funding Kulturamt Frankfurt a/M, project The Lonesome Tree

2019 Fellowship Stiftung Freiheit

2017 Bronze Award, Kommunikation im Raum, adc Deutschland

 German Design Award, Rat für Formgebung

2014-2018 Fellowship Berliner Senat

2011 Award, Communication Arts

2009 Award, 1st prize, Team Bank, Nürnberg

2004 Fellowship Fulbright

 Echo Award, video national

 Award, 200 best illustrators worldwide, Luerzers Archive

2003 Gold Award, Experimental film & video Remi awards, The Houston International Film Fest

 Silber Award, The Society of Korea Illusart

 Animation Award, sehsuechte, international student film festival

 Award, annual multimedia

 Jury Award, shorts-welcome

2002 Award, 1st prize, backup, weimar

2001 Fellowship DAAD

 Award, Best animated series, berlin beta film festival

 Nomination, Max & Moritz Award, International Comic Salon