Kathi Kaeppel (*1977, Heidelberg) is an artist working on site-specific installations, exploring the territories of drawing and animated drawing in space. In her works she discusses nature impacted by human interventions and the effects of a missing reference system for our actions. This reference frame is established by accelerating natural and man-made processes to create intense and unexpected experiences. For each work Kaeppel creates a specific system of scale, lines of perception, and colours as a spatial choreography in which the recipient becomes an active partici-pant. The installations are composed of elements that are rearranged to an immer-sive experience of drawing in time and space.

Her interest lies in creating and surpassing boundaries at the same time. Using lines and basic shapes, she creates spaces as a field of possibilities. Despite the level of abstraction and sophistication behind the three-dimensional dynamic installations, Kaeppel’s pieces convey a sense of lightness, contrasting the profound atmosphere associated with her themes.

Kaeppel has studied at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee and University for the Creative Arts, UK. In addition to numerous awards and project fundings, she has received scholarships and prizes including a grant from the DAAD, the Fulbright Commission and the Foundation for Freedom.