since oct 2014 kathi kæppel has been teaching »digital publishing« as visiting professor at the weissensee kunsthochschule berlin. In her interdisciplinary position she works with the degree programs foundation and visual communication. kathi kæppel started teaching in 2007 with a focus on animation. among her references are the burg giebichenstein university of art and design halle, the kunsthochschule kassel, and the haw hamburg.


drawing and animation

as artists and designers we constantly observe, question and reflect our sourrounding. our work displays the essence of our thoughts. we use drawing as language to communicate in a very personal way. sometimes a thought is manifested in a single drawing, sometimes a thought needs several moments, pages or even minutes. the media animation enables us to transfer drawings into a timebased context and to create artificial objects and stages. speech, sound and music add further narrative levels.

the concept, design and realisation of animation belongs to the scope of visual communication. students learn to understand the potential of timebased animation in being introduced to tranditional and computer generated animation. they explore new forms of dialogue between analogue and digital technologies and discuss the integration of animation in the two and three-dimensional staging.

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